The browser is an essential one for Smartphone users to surf the content. The safari browser is one of the popular browsers as this is providing the best alternative for the Google chrome browser in the android mobile. This browser also supports the IOS operating system. You will find the browser to be clean and safe to use. Millions of the people have tried this browser and only they gave positive feedback. The latest version of this safari browser for the android is 3.2.2 and so this will be helpful for secure browsing in the mobile, you also no need to provide any of personal details for installing this app. The safari browser occupies only the less space in the mobile and so you can switch between the tasks and do whatever you want and this will not cause any loading problem. It works at high speed and so the safari is the best choice for mobile users.


  • This browser consists of the incognito mode which will be helpful for a safe and secure transaction or you can also able to hide the browsing history.
  • The night mode that is present in this app will help the users to surf the unlimitedly without any eye irritation.
  • It is simple for the users to switch between the tabs as this will not cause any speed reduction.
  • This will have the option that will warn the users when they are entering into malicious websites. 
  • The attractive user interface will make you get addicted to this browser and also this will only provide the top trending contents. 
  • This is user-friendly one for the people as this allows them to do multitasking. 

Previous Apk versions:

  • Version 3.0.4
  • Version 1.0.1